Business Daily Pg: 30 My Song To Implementers After Drafting Music Policy

Article 11 of Kenya’s Constitution recognizes culture as an integral part of the nation’s foundations. Kenya has a rich musical heritage. However, there has been a lack of coordination of cultural affairs in Kenya, leading to a lot of plundering. It is not clear who owns traditional songs and dances like the Maasai traditional chants and dance style. The drafting of the music policy is intended to guide the music industry in Kenya. So far, music management in Kenya has been haphazard with the industry players operating uncoordinated.

The policy recognizes the importance of music in the achievement of national goals. One is that music is a way of livelihood and therefore in line with other policies property. It is now clear that streamlining of music in Kenya shall be done by the Ministry of Sports and Culture. The policy aims to protect the musicians from exploitation and also sets out the rights and obligation of persons in the music industry. It is hoped that legislation will be drafted to streamline the sector.