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Today, Tuesday 6th August 2013, the Kenya Copyright Board in collaboration with the Kenya Power, MultiChoice Kenya and Zuku conducted a major raid in the Nairobi County. The raid targeted some identified pirates in Umoja and Donholm Estates who are using the Kenya Power electricity transmission cables and posts to illegally distribute DSTV and Zuku broadcasting signals to a large number of unsuspecting Kenyans residing in the flats. A total of over 60 decoders amongst them DSTV, Zuku, StarTimes and GoTV were confiscated. Three people were arrested amongst them the caretakers of the two flats and will be arraigned in court tomorrow, Wednesday 7th 2013, morning. Illegal distribution of DSTV & Zuku broadcast signals is rampant in the country and if left unchecked can negatively affect the broadcasting industry with dire economic and social consequences on the artistes/film makers and the whole society. Based on this understanding, these four organisations will continue to conduct regular raids to deter pirates from making illegal connections.

Illegal PayTv unearthed in Umoja (Watch the Video)