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All a creative wants to do is sit and create but sometimes we are forced to get out of our creative holes and get important stuff like copyrighting your work done. So, you have your portfolio in play, beautifully put together in a leather-cased A3 size bound portfolio. Its kinda, bulky and really stressful to get into a mathree with it coz lets face it, these 14 seater mathrees don't have enough space for you, your portfolio and the mama mboga's sack of potatoes - plus she pays extra to the conductor while you don't. This does not deter you and you finally get into town, dressed in your only pair of decent jeans, a shirt and your borrowed father's shoes (let's face it - we like us a pair of converse). You walk into one of the buildings that hosts say Copyright Board, just as you are about to press the elevator button, you hear a guy asking - "Kichana unaenda wapi?". You turn and its the watchie, *Afro Cinema begins* "Naenda Copyright", you answer. "Lakini hii kitu unabeba si inakaa ka risasi?", (Really men - really?) You think to yourself "Hii hii (stammers) ni portfolio yangu." You calmly respond. After several back and forths and a portfolio review he finally let  you in *halleluyah*.

You get to the Kenya Copyright Board office and after a brief conversation, realise that it will cost you a few more shillings than you have in your pocket *the horror*. You walk out disappointed. Once you get out, you remember the hot single you just dropped and to make some money from it you have to get into another mat and building to get to Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) This August, Creatives Garage, brings you PITSTOP. Pitstop is a event bringing most of the Organizations together so, YOU, the creative need not go through this drama. Wylde International, MCSK, Kenya Copyright Board, ICT Board, Kuona Trust, PAWA 254, Craft Afrika and Story moja have partnered with Creatives Garage to answer all your questions during this event. Pitstop will be happening on 10th August 2013 from 10pm to 3.00pm at Kuona Trust. Joram Mwinamo, Managing partner at Wylde International, will be giving a business talk on setting up and running a successful business. Creative labs will be hosted by our partners. Dj Kim and Fork will be on the decks. Join us and forget the hustle.

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