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The Kenya Copyright Board’s Enforcement Department has continued to conduct country wide Police Trainings on Copyright and Related Rights in a bid to equip the officers with the necessary knowledge to protect intellectual property.

The officers have continued to train their counterparts on the provisions of the Constitution that empower protection of Copyright works like the authority to conduct Copyright inspections (section 39 of the
Copyright Act), identification of bonafide right holders, identification of infringed
Copyright works and methods of distinction between genuine and infringed copyright works among others.

In order for the copyright inspectors to carry out their work properly, there must be cooperation between the rights holders and the copyright inspectors. These Police trainings are based on the recent developments on the copyright industry, the recent changes on copyright laws and the challenges that continue to be met by the copyright inspectors.

The latest training was conducted at the Karatina Police Station where 76 Police Officers were trained. The officers got a chance to explain the challenges they encountered while carrying out Copyright inspections. During the trainings, the Police Officers were issued with KECOBO promotional and educational materials.

The Enforcement Department also supplied IEC materials to twenty Police Officers at the Spring Valley Police Training in Nairobi. They also conducted seven inspection raids with Autodesk and eight inspections with Microsoft East Africa. The cases for Autodesk were referred for arbitration while the ones for Microsoft are pending before court.

Karatina Police Training
L to R Senior Sergeant Emily Cheruiyot (2nd Left), Inspector of Police Thomas Mong’are (In blue T-Shirt) and Senior Sergeant Ephraim Nderitu at the Karatina Police Station during the Police Training by KECOBO Staff.

Karatina Police Training
Karatina Police Officers listen keenly during the training on Copyright and Related Rights.

Karatina Police Training
Senior Sergeant Ephraim Nderitu makes a point during the training at Karatina Police Station while Inspector of Police Thomas Mong’are (In blue T-Shirt) and Senior Sergeant Emily Cheruiyot look on.